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DJI — technology that changes the world

DJI has become a pioneer in the sphere of radio-controlled flight facilities. The most popular DJI products are drones for aerial photography and video making. The company also produces gimbals, controllers, ground stations, necessary parts for unmanned aircraft. Special software was developed for work with DJI products to control some drone modules even with your smartphone.

Both professionals and amateurs know DJI well. The variety of features allows to apply DJI drones in many spheres of life, while these devices are very easy-to-use. Nowadays drones are often used for making films, promo video and news reports. They showed an excellent performance in rescue operations. These devices use aerial mapping for new territories exploration and video monitoring.

A wide price range makes the DJI products popular among non-professionals either. Aerial photography can be considered an excellent hobby. A DJI product line offers all the necessary equipment for beginners.

Quality and price

DJI directly cooperates with drone material suppliers, so the company offers affordable prices. DJI products are distinguished for their quality. The devices are offered for sale only after thorough tests.

DJI works with tried and tested materials used to product aircraft and their parts. The design engineers managed to find a perfect balance between light weight and reliability. Some drones can lift a camera which exceeds their own weight. Special attention is paid to mounting and gimbal, since these parts are responsible for stable camera operation. Thanks to extra durable materials one can take aerial photos even under unfavorable weather conditions. So you can try our best DJI products: DJI Inspire 1, DJI S1000+, DJI S900, DJI Z15, DJI phantom, DJI vision+, DJI WKM, DJI A2 and DJI Lightbridge.

The DJI products have been appreciated all over the world for their benefits. Namely:

  • high quality
  • large selection
  • spare parts and details
  • functional capacity
  • usability
  • special software
  • affordable prices

DJI line of products

The DJI company provides several product lines:

  • multicopters
  • gimbals
  • lightbridges
  • controllers
  • ground stations
  • accessories and spare details for radio-controlled drones

The producer also offers the ready-to-use solutions for aerial photography. The famous Phantom drones have gained an incredible popularity. For the most demanding customers, DJI gives an excellent opportunity to upgrade their devices.

Focus on new technology

Due to the fact that aeromodelling doesn’t stand still, the DJI company constantly develops cutting-edge technologies to be applied for their products. The vendor has thought out all the aspects of work with unmanned aircraft, that is why, the DJI product range has all the necessary equipment for quality aerial mapping.

Apart from aeromodelling facilities, the company also offers some ground stations. These devices allow to make photo and video even in extreme conditions. Travelers have already appreciated reliability and functional capacity of the DJI products.

DJI — quality benchmark

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