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RMILEC T4047NB20 UHF Long Range RC System


  • Model: RMILEC T4047NB20
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NB20 system adopts the latest RF technology, providing very high adjacent channel rejection ratio and anti-blocking performance, which gives rise to the outstanding anti-jamming capability of the new system. NB20 receiver can detect the frequency and amplitude of EMI interference with unbeatable accuracy and precision based on the extremely low self-noise of -125dBm. The RF performance of NB20 system surpasses the older 4047 systems several orders of magnitude. Furthermore, NB20 system takes high-speed processor for signal acquisition and output with very high precision. Its high efficiency transceiver can make full use of band width limitation and spend shorter time to work out data exchanging,and frequency calibration. As for operation, NB20 system is compatible with any receiver to construct a signal relay system. It is highly compatible with mature products on the present market, such as FUT, JR, HITEC, TDF, FS, XINYI etc. There is no need for consumers to change the old remote control system or any parameter settings to directly extend the remote control range. PWM output-and-input is one-to-one. It can relay signal with very high precision. By using the powerful forwarding of 20 channels, UAV’s parameter can be adjusted in the air, and the aerial cameraman and pilot could work together with single radio. In addition, one transmitter can be shared by several operators. As for the receiver, either EMI or RSSI signal can be displayed on LED, which allows debugging according to the visual signal strength. The new system is of longer remote control distance and higher reliability, because the source of interference can be more quickly and accurately ruled out.
(Values below are typical.)

-Average RF power: 5w (peak number is 5.8W )
-Sensitivity: -115dBm
-Adjacent Channel Rejection: Very High
-Anti Signal-blocking: Very High
-Default Operating Frequency: 435 +/-2.5,445 +/-2.5, 455 +/-2.5, 433ISM
-Signal Of Servo For Transmission: 20 channels
-Signal of Servo For Output: PWM output 20 channels PPM output 20 channels SBUS output 18 channels
-Input Mode: PPM, PWM,SBUS
-Control Mode: One to many

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